Wonderbus Programs

The WonderBus is a mobile classroom which is utilized as a safe place for children to work on the development of their speech and language, social emotional and educational skills.

The WonderBus offers 1:1 or small group therapy to support the needs of the student and provide services to target specific deficit areas. Whether you choose to receive speech services on the bus or at the traditional office setting, your child is bound to enjoy every minute of therapy!

Speech and Language Therapy

Teletherapy or face to face therapy on the Wonderbus is available to address Speech and Language skills specific to the child’s deficit areas. Improving expressive and receptive language, articulation, fluency, or voice skills will be addressed as needed to meet the needs of the child. In addition to working on the current IEP goals, the WonderBus therapists create targeted goals which are target concerns of the parent and how the child struggles in their natural environment. Parents will be provided with support and ideas of how to develop their child’s speech and language skills.

Therapeutic Structured Play

WonderBus is offering structured play groups at the Bus Stop. Therapy will focus on developing social skills and communication skills through engaging tasks which develop a child’s ability to work and play with other children. The therapeutic group setting allows children to learn important pragmatic and social skills while managing deficit The playgroups are open to any children who want the opportunity to have fun and make new friends in a structured setting.

Wonderbus Clubs will begin in January 2023.

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