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Hello! My name is Jill, and I will be in charge of the Wonderbus Blog this summer. The plan is to follow Mrs. O around and tag along on all of the exciting things she has going on with the Wonderbus like individual speech therapy sessions, picnics, and the SuperHero Summer Camp! I will be keeping you all updated on some of the activities Mrs. O does with her students while on the Wonderbus and describe some of the benefits of this style of speech therapy delivery.

The Wonderbus is a mobile pediatric speech clinic; basically, it is a classroom on wheels! Students will climb aboard to receive speech therapy while on the bus as well as in outdoor spaces that the bus will park at, like the Liberty Grove park and Lincoln Elementary School. This is an up-and-coming way to deliver speech therapy, there is only a limited number of other mobile speech units across the country. I cannot wait to pick Mrs. O’s brain about the inspiration behind her idea to create the Wonderbus!

To share a little bit about myself, I am an undergraduate Honors student studying Communication Sciences and Disorders at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan—but my hometown is right here in Plainfield, Illinois! This blog is the output of my Senior Project, shadowing Mrs. O and all her adventures throughout the summer. I aspire to be a speech language pathologist myself. While I have not yet decided what setting I want to focus on, some of the things that interest me the most about speech pathology is the brain’s role in both speech and language (neurology), the way our mouths move to form different sounds (articulation), and the unspoken rules of speaking (pragmatics)!

SLP Terminology

Here is a list of technological terms I have talked about! I will update it throughout the summer for easier access.

Articulation: The way we arrange, move, and use the structures in our mouth to make speech sounds.

Neurology: The role of the nervous system, including the brain, in speech and language.

Pragmatics: The social norms that go into language use such as tone of voice, manners, and making inferences.

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