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Mrs. Oesterreich’s Wonderbus

Ms. Gaylene Oesterreich created the Wonderbus in February 2021. The bus was designed to be a mobile Speech Therapy office which she is able to drive to client’s homes for therapy. This option allows client’s to feel at home and excited to learn. Ms. Oesterreich’s philosophy is that student’s learn best through play!

Articulation Skills

Treatment of sound production is available on the Wonderbus. Ms. Oesterreich has 30+ years of working with children in all areas. The correction of Phonological Processing Disorders, Apraxia, and Articulation disorders needs immediate remediation before they impact academic skills.

Expressive Language

Developing expressive language skills leads to improvements in reading and writing. Learning to expressive yourself effectively impacts all academic and social domains.

Learning through Play

Learning through play promotes enthusiasm, motivation to learn, and skill development. Social skills including turn taking, sharing, working together, conversational skills and many more skills are developed when a child knows how to play!

Language and Reading

Phonemic awareness, decoding, fluency, and comprehension are significantly impacted by a child’s speech and language skills. Without strong language skills, students are at risk for delayed development in reading, writing and comprehension.

Structured Play Groups

Structured Play Groups are taught on the Wonderbus by a Speech and Language Pathologist and a Certified Behavior Specialist! These therapists are trained to teach pragmatic skills such as turn taking, behavior modification, and other interpersonal skills using ABA strategies! Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is used to shape behaviors to decrease outbursts and noncompliance issues. Our goal is to teach children to work together and interact appropriately in a play based setting.

Students Love Wonderbus

When the bus pulls up to the home of my clients, the excitement is clear as they run to the bus with a smile from ear to ear. The children can’t wait to get on the bus to work on their areas of deficit. The kids enjoy every minute on the bus learning and playing!

Group Therapy

The spacious bus provides plenty of room for children or adults to gather for learning together and having fun. Interpersonal skills are developed when working in a group setting. Interacting with friends is important to the development of strong social skills. Everyone needs friendship and the Wonderbus provides the perfect location to foster these important lifelong skills.

Wonderdog Sophie

Sophie is the Wonderbus mascot. Sophie is sweet and loving. She adores children and is the perfect companion on the bus.

The Wonderbus leaves kids wanting more!

Parents are excited to see their child’s face light up when the Wonderbus pulls up in the front of their house. The kids are excited from the minute the pulls up and they never want to leave! Mrs. Oesterreich works to build strong relationships with her clients and their families which leads to more success in developing Speech and Language skills!

Pictures taken by Christina Morthorse.

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