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Using an online video format such as Zoom allows therapy to be provided within the home of the client. These services provide protection against Covid 19 and other illness which are transferred through face to face contact. Teletherapy is an effective therapy model with students who are able to navigate the computer system independently. Articulation therapy is particularly conducive to this format as it allows the student to observe and monitor their own speech skills. Green screens and interactive games can be provided through this format which is very engaging for many students. This venue also allows for more time working on skills with virtually no down time which is needed when transitioning between settings.

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In Home Therapy

Working within the home is another option available to families. In this option, the child remains in the home with the therapist providing services within this setting. The therapist will bring activities into the home but will also use the toys already available within the setting. This format allows the therapist to engage with the child in a natural setting. It allows the child the opportunity to learn using familiar toys and activities which adds to the therapy sessions.

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Mobile Therapy Office

In this service delivery format, the child is able to move to therapy office by joining the therapist on the therapy bus. The child friendly setting is the perfect place for children to receive support from the SLP. Appropriate materials will be easily accessed and the child will not be distracted by what is happening with the home setting. Parents do not need to waste time sitting in a therapy office or provide a space within their home for therapy. Parents can move along with their day while the child receives the support which they need. Along with teletherapy, the bus provides a time efficient model for delivering speech and language services.

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