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24043 Oak Street Ste 103 Plainfield, IL 60544

The Wonderbus is expanding the learning opportunities for children of all ages. Therapists and educators will work together to offer communication and social environments which will help to develop thinking and focusing skills which are necessary to be successful adults. Being an effective communicator requires the ability to understand verbal and nonverbal skills while maintaining focus and concentration. The Wonderbus will continue to provide top notch opportunities where children and adults continue to learn and play. Our goal at the Clubhouse is to provide opportunities to play and to learn skills through social interactions and direct therapy intervention with others.

WonderKids Learning Clubs

Classes will meet June 14-July 26 (No sessions the week of July 4)

Cost: $25/session

Mindful Movement- Children’s Yoga Club Wednesdays 9:00-9:45

Research confirms that learning and performing yoga is very beneficial to a child’s physical and mental health. Yoga improves balance, strength, and endurance. Yoga assists children to become attune to their bodies, feelings, and ideas which will strengthen their bodies and social beings. Join anytime!

Drawing Club Wednesdays 10:30- 11:15

Learning drawing techniques is a fun and engaging way to explore your creativity and to enhance your artistry. Students will learn a variety of techniques to improve their ability to draw or sketch through modeling, teaching, and exploration. It is also a fun way to make friends with common interests. Join anytime!

Cursive Club Wednesday 11:30-12:15

The Ancient Lost Art is making a come-back! New research is leading the trend to learn cursive once again. Researchers have found that learning cursive promotes discipline and fine motor skills. Not only that but even more beneficial are the neuropathways that are created in the brain which lead to improved spelling, reading, and writing skills as it eliminates letter confusion. What a fun way to learn and make new friends!

Expressive Dance Club Wednesdays 1:00-1:45

We like to move it, move it! Create their own moves or learn some new ones from friends and teachers. This club is designed to help children to express themselves through creative dance. Creativity, motor, and recall skills will be developed as the students learn to move to the beat of their own drum. Have fun, dance, and be happy!

Creative Coding Club Wednesdays 5:00-5:45

Everyone is talking about Coding , but what is it? Elementary school is the optimum time for children to begin coding. Strengthening cognitive skills through these complex thinking tasks help to plant seeds for eventual complex knowledge.  This club will introduce the concept of coding through creating games, programming robots, and breaking codes during problem solving activities. Developing these skills promote higher level thinking and develops executive functioning skills necessary to be successful in school and in everyday life!

Act It Out!Wednesday 4:00-4:45

Improve Oral Expression, Executive Functioning, and Creative Writing skills as the children learn to act out familiar and novel stories! The Act It Out Club will provide a variety of learning opportunities in a fun and entertaining environment. Expect lots of giggles and storytelling when the children come home to share their experiences.

Kindergarten and Elementary Learning Connections Tues. and/or Thurs 10:00-10:45am

Summer is a great time to promote learning and build connections with our Kindergarten Learning Specialists! This club will focus on the basic skills needed for children to be ready for Kindergarten or to maintain skills for 1st/2nd graders. Students will make connections with friends and teachers from Lincoln Elementary! Summer with Mrs. Witt and Mrs. Fuller! What could be more fun!

Speech and Language Development Clubs (BCBS PPO Insurance Accepted)

These clubs are designed to focus on improving reading, writing, and oral language skills which are necessary for student success. The clubs will be taught by a Speech and Language Pathologist and Learning Specialist. Keep up skills and gain new skills through exciting and engaging lessons! A variety of opportunities will be provided through these licensed professionals.

Little Wonders Play Groups (BCBS; PPO accepted) Thurs. 8:30 & 5:00 Fridays 8:30 WonderKids Clubhouse offers Playgroups for language development through play therapy. This club promotes the develop of important sensory and interpersonal skills during the preschool years. Early Intervention is the key to being an effective learner and social human. The club will focus on theme based learning through play and exploration. These clubs will be offered on Thursdays and Fridays at our Wonderbus Clubhouse.

Memory & Vocabulary Strategies Club (BCBS PPO accepted)- Tuesdays 5:00-5:45 Increase Memory and Vocabulary by learning strategies which help to with learning retention. Students will understand how to use and to apply strategies for recalling information and determining the meanings of unknown words.

Literacy and Language Expressions (BCBS PPO accepted)- Thursday 6:00-7:00 Learn comprehension techniques through literature. Students will learn how to improve auditory comprehension and oral expression through strategies

Picky Eaters Club- (BCBS PPO accepted) Tuesdays 12:30-1:30 Children can be very picky eaters for a variety of reasons! Sensory issues and swallowing difficulties can make eating a challenge for children. This club will utilize PEP (Positive Eaters Program) which focuses on guiding children through rich experiences that increase their food vocabulary and awareness while decreasing their resistance to nonfood and food textures.

Social Language Learning Clubs (BCBS Insurance Accepted) Tentative Days and Times: (Times may be adjusted based on group availability)

Weekly group therapy focusing on building communication and interpersonal skills through play and group interactions with peers. Play is such a key skill that provides children real life opportunities to develop social learning and collaboration with others. WonderKids offers a venue to develop interpersonal skills through Stuctured Social Playgroups.

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