The Clubhouse

The Wonderbus is expanding the learning opportunities for children of all ages. Therapists and educators will work together to offer communication and social environments which will help to develop thinking and focusing skills which are necessary to be successful adults. Being an effective communicator reguires the ability to understand verbal and nonverbal skills while maintaining focus and concentration. The Wonderbus will continue to provide top notch opportunities where children and adults continue to learn and play. Our goal at the Clubhouse is to provide opportunities to play and to learn skills through social interactions and direct therapy intervention with others.

WonderKids Learning Clubs

Children’s Yoga Club

Research confirms that learning and performing yoga is a very beneficial to a child’s physical and mental health. Yoga improves balance, strength, and endurance. Yoga assists children to become attune to their bodies, feelings, and ideas which will strengthen their bodies and social beings.

Sign Language ABCs

Learning to use and understand body language supports strong communication skills. By observing the gestures provided through sign language, children will become more intune with nonverbal communication. In addition, children will develop the ability to use body language to communicate their own thoughts and feelings.

Spanish Club for beginners

The ability to acquire a second language begins in childhood. At an early age, the elasticity of the brain allows children to develop new neuropathways which contibute to learning a new language. These neuropathways challenge the brain to gain knowledge and to make connections necessary to become learners and problem solvers. Learning a second langauge will help children develop these connections!

Social Language Learning Club

Who is the most admired social worker in Plainfield? Mrs. Laura Fahrner! The dynamic team of Gaylene Oesterreich and Laura Fahrner will be providing special events throughout the year. Fahrner Fridays will provide a venue for developing social skills and interpersonal skills through activities which require collaboration and problem solving.

In addition, weekly group therapy focusing on building communication and interpersonal skills through play and group interactions with peers. Play is such a key skill that provides children real life opportunities to develop social learning and collaboration with others. WonderKids offers a venue to develop interpersonal skills through Stuctured Playgroups.

Sensory and Playtime

WonderKids Clubhouse offers Playgroups with toddlers during the day to develop important sensory and interpersonal skills at an early age. Early Intervention is the key to being an effective learner and social human. The club will focus on theme based learning through play and exploration. These clubs will be offered during the day at our Wonderbus Clubhouse.

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