Becoming the Wonderbus….

It all started with an idea! For the past 30 years I dreamed of creating a space where people could meet and socialize! A place where children could grow and get the help that they need to be successful in school and life. I looked into rental space or buying a building but the cost was too high. Then one day, I thought why not buy a bus! I could create my own space without all of the overhead. Now anyone who knows me can tell you that I have some crazy ideas that literally just stayed ideas. I was always held back by something but not this time! So I did some looking around and did some praying! God led me to the people who could make my dreams come true! I found a company to buy the bus from who could clean out the seats, paint it, and get it ready to roll!

Now it was our turn…. we headed home from Milwaukee and started the transformation! Cleaning the bus was a dirty job!

My husband and kids did a lot of the work to get it ready for me to make this empty dirty space into a magical place for my clients to learn and grow! In the end it turned out exactly as I had hoped!

Time to try out the mobile office! It was perfect! The clients loved it! So did I! All of my supplies in one space and I didn’t need to carry all of my materials into someone’s home. Win-win for everyone! I’m so excited to get into gear this summer with our speech camp! Let the adventure begin!

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