Mixing Work and Play

By: Jill Klatt Sometimes the best way to keep students excited about learning is to incorporate lessons right into the familiar activities that they already love. With a little bit of creative thinking, speech therapy can be hidden in almost every existing game! One of the ways Mrs. O mixes learning and play is withContinue reading “Mixing Work and Play”

The WonderBus Goes to Preschool!

By: Jill Klatt One of the many benefits of the WonderBus is that it can go almost anywhere, allowing Mrs. O to bring her office right along with her when she visits her students for individual speech therapy sessions. Just the other day, Mrs. O parked her bus right outside a preschool and signed aContinue reading “The WonderBus Goes to Preschool!”

First Day of the Superhero Summer Camp!

This past Wednesday was the first ever day of the Wonderbus Superhero Summer Camp, and it was a blast! Mrs. O’s goal for the camp is to give her students an extra push on their language, expression, and social skills. The day started with a yoga circle and some breathing exercises led by Mrs. Mihaljevic,Continue reading “First Day of the Superhero Summer Camp!”